Satay noodles is a well- know local snack which you can find almost everywhere in Xiamen. The secret of satay noodles lies in its appetizing soup which is cooked with satay sauce. Add noodles and green vegetables into the boiling water to have them cooked. Then water the cooked noodles and vegetables with the soup. Add some toufu, pork intestines, botiffarra, scalloped pork kidneys, shelled shrimps, squids and balls, etc. as you prefer. Finally a bowl of satay noodles which smells sweet and tastes spicy is ready for you.


Wutang Satay Noodles: No. 60, Minzu Road, Siming District

Sili Satay Noodles: No.14- 3, Hubin Sili, Siming District

Wu Zaitian Satay Noodles: No. 25- 7, Meihu Road, Siming District

1980 Meat Zongzi: No.353, Zhongshan Road, Siming District