Dazuigu is a kind of comic talking and singing art popular in Xiamen and Southern Fujian. It is also called "Bickering in telling stories", "Paizuigu" or "Dazui song". Dazuigu is a verbal battle between two persons, similar to the cross talk of the north, but not the same. It adopts strictly rhyming dialogues with strong linguistic rhythm, skillfully uses rich and colorful, vivid and lively, comical and humorous Southern Fujian dialect and slang and fold adage, applies complex rhyme structure of Southern Fujian dialect with rhythmic and musical effect to constitute rhythmic language, focuses on the display of plots and the portrayal of figures, pays attention to the artistic means of "guessing" and "bursting out jokes" to achieve the comic artistic effect.


Recommended place: Xinglin Cultural Palace (No.36, Xinglin East Road, Jimei District)