"A cup of tea in the early morning is better than eating fish and prawn". If you know how important the seafood is to people in Xiamen, then you will know the significance of the tea. Xiamen is one of the places of origin of Kungfu tea and has thick atmosphere of tea culture. Most people in Xiamen like drinking oolong (Tie Guanyin). The best tea leaf is the newest one, after being brewed, the leaf turns red and green, and the tea turns yellowish- red with thick flavor. The duration of heating and brewing shall be moderate as it shall be boiled but not excessive to make delicious tea. The tea set is often red Yixing pottery pot which is as large as the palm and called "small palm", and the matched teacup is much smaller. The tea made with such pot and cup is called "small palm tea".


Recommended place: Qian Teahouse (Floor 2, China Town, Siming District)