Beyond Gulangyu: 9 lesser known beautiful islands in Fujian

Fujian is a coastal province in China’s Southeast with a large sea area and 2,214 islands under its administration, putting it in second place in China for the number of islands.

While most travelers in Fujian have most likely heard of Gulangyu, Fujian’s most famous island hailed as a Garden on the Sea, the seas surrounding Fujian are peppered with lesser-known islands with spectacular views and awesome fishing.

1. Dongshan Island 东山岛

With an area of 194 square kilometers, Dongshan Island is the second largest island in Fujian Province. It offers a 2,500 meter-long beach surrounded by forest, with a beautiful view of rocky headlands. Diving and snorkeling are popular here as the water is clean and full of coral. One of the most popular tourist spots is Feng Dong Roack (wind-moving rock). The island also has several ancient relics. Located in Zhangzhou, it is about two hour drive from Xiamen.

Fengdong Rock - Balanced at the edge of a clff, it is connected to the land by only a few inches of rock.

2. Dongbi Island 东壁岛

Located off the coast of Fuqing City, Dongbi Island features beautiful beaches, oyster farms, and historical stone houses built by fishing people. There’s also a 200-person village and a 3000-meter-long sea wall connecting the island to the mainland.

3. Dayushan Island 大嵛山岛

Situated in the southeast sea off Fuding City, Ningde City of Fujian, Dayushan Island is a part of four tourist attractions of Taimu Mountain. The island, known for its epitome of green hills, crystal clear lakes, vast grassland and peaceful deep blue sea, was ranked as one of China's top 10 most beautiful islands by the Chinese National Geographic Magazine

4. Dazhui Island 大坠岛

Once used as the transfer point for opium by the English, this one-square-kilometer island has been developed into an ecotourism area. It’s a fertile nursery for dozens of species of birds, and very rare Chinese white dolphins are sometimes spotted off its coast. The island is in Hui'an County of Quanzhou.

5. Taishan Islands 台山列岛

Consisting of 15 small islets, Taishan is the farthest inhabited island/island group from the mainland. It is 33 kilometers from Fuding City. Taking boats around the area, you can see many jagged rocks of grotesque and exotic shapes.


6. Linjin and Nanding Islands 南碇岛、林进屿

The two beautiful islands both lie in the volcanic park in Zhangzhou. Nanding Island is comprised of more than 1.4 million columnar basalt boulders, while Linjin Island is where most of the interesting volcanic formations are located.

7. Meizhou Island 湄洲岛

Meizhou Island is the birthplace of Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea who is said to protect fishermen and sailors in East Asian countries. Meizhou Island is the origin of Mazu Culture and known as the "Oriental Mecca". The Statue of Mazu, the Mazu Temple and the Gold Coast are the key attractions on the island.

 8. Pingtan Island 平潭岛

Pingtan Island is the fifth Iargest island in China. It is only 68 km from Hsinchu in Taiwan. This island was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2001. It is famous for its long and wide unspoilt beach, and amzing natural landscapes shaped by a past volcanic eruption, as well as marine abrasion and marine deposition. Two events--The Cross-Straits Sand Sculpture Festival and Kiteboard Tour Asia—are held here every summer. The events are a big draw for tourists.

 9. Sandu Island 三都岛

This is a huge floating fishing village where the inhabitants need not set foot on land in their everyday lives. They have their own floating mail posts, police station, restaurants, convenience stores, and their own emergency phone numbers. The floating village around the island is called Sandu Island, technically part of Ningde County.

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