Recalling a passing time in Xiamen Railway Park

As an extension line of Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, the Railway Cultural Park, the old railroad once abandoned for many years, after repairs in recent years, now is re-opened as a cultural park to tell the story of Yingtan-Xiamen railway Xiamen section.

The weather was very good at the weekend; the sun on the sky and and all varieties of bougainvillea blooming on both sides of the park add much vitality to the quiet old railroad.

There are many entrances to the railway part and this one is one of them. The path beside is leading to four scenic spots, namely, Wanshi Park, Jinbang Park, Seaside Park and Zhongshan Park.

Twisted banana leaves, pressing against each other layer by layer but having clear texture.

The side walls of the tunnel show the development history of Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, and the past, nowadays and future of Xiamen

Such pink bougainvillea is no doubt most photogenic, isn’t it. As the city flower of Xiamen, they are blooming along the way.

Tranquil path outside the tunnel

The rails are very old and some sleepers are worn out, but they stimulated the memory of people towards the old train

This is another exit of the railway park 


Visitors can take Bus No. 3, 17, 19a, 19b, 21, 32, 57, 139, 659, 857, 951 and 959 to Yizhong Station and then walk about 470m in 7 minutes to get to the railway cultural park.