Fujian Youxi-Ancient Guifeng Village: Carved Balustrades and Marble-like Steps Must Still Be There, but Rosy Faces Cannot Be as Fair

Fujian Youxi-Ancient Guifeng Village: Carved Balustrades and Marble-like Steps Must Still Be There, but Rosy Faces Cannot Be as Fair

Located in the northeast of Yangzhong Township, Youxi County, Sanming City of Fujian Province, Guifeng Village is a semi-alpine valley with an altitude of 550 meters. Surrounded by hills, clouds and mist, the village has picturesque scenery and pleasant weather. Historically, it has been known as the "Treasured Land among Mountains" and "Wonderland with Rosy Clouds." In January 2003, it was awarded the "famous historical and cultural village" by Fujian Provincial People's Government.

After I got down from Youxi terraces, it was after the midday. When I arrived at Guifeng Village, clouds parted and the sun finally came out. At that moment, I really wanted to go back to Yunshan Village to shoot the sunset.

The local government has made many efforts to develop Ancient Guifeng Village in recent years. Currently, massive construction projects are carrying out to widen the highway leading to the village. Although the road condition is difficult now, visitors keep coming here with a lot of coaches and cars parking in front of the village.

The overall architectures in the village remain essentially intact. Although one or two modern brick-concrete houses among ancient houses look somewhat awkward and unpleasant, the overall layout remains intact. These ancient houses sit on three hillsides along the slope, row upon row and well-arranged. The village has water flowing beneath small bridges, as well as curved and quiet lanes. One will see different scenery after each turning.

You can wander in deep village alleys with innumerable twists and turns. Every house and every yard have their own world. Flowers and verdant plants reveal homeowners' thoughts and great wisdom. But with ups and downs of time, the former glory of Guifeng Village has passed and many large houses have begun to show signs of decline. Because there is no one to take care of them, they have become unlivable and can only go towards their final destruction gradually.

Carved balustrades and marble-like steps must still be there, but rosy faces cannot be as fair. I wonder how long can pureness of Guifeng Village remain.  

The building groups of the entire ancient village are well-preserved, which is seldom in the whole Fujian Province and can compare with Peitian Village in Liancheng.

Buildings in Peitian Village are mostly of brick structure with "four-character inscriptions" on gate towers. There are rich and deep culture deposits. However, as Peitian is located in the flat land without layering, it cannot be shot overhead. But Guifeng Village was built on hillsides with clear layering. Most of its houses are of rammed earth and timber structure. Compared with houses in Peitian, houses in Guifeng are more complex and more photogenic.

So I think Fujian Province should create the brand of "Peitian in the South and Guifeng in the North", thus making Guifeng more famous.