One-day tour in Three Lanes and Seven Alleys of Fuzhou


Preface: Sometimes, we may be seized by a whim and want to travel, why? Maybe we want to relax, get rid of loneliness or for no reason. 

I had a nap on the bus and arrived in Fuzhou at around 9:00 am. After I came to the hotel I booked, I put away my luggage, dusted off, talked with front desk clerk, carried my bag and camera, bought a map and headed for Three Lanes and Seven Alleys.

Fuzhou is known as the city of Banyan, because of numerous Banyan trees planted in the city. Three Lanes and Seven Alleys is a famous historical and cultural block, featuring a considerable number of well-preserved lanes and alleys built in the Tang and Song Dynasties and ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Besides, there are former residences of Lin Zexu and Yu Dafu’s wife. Although there were lots of holidaymakers, it paled in comparison with that of Gulanyu Island in Xiamen. So my trip began.


Arranged from north to south on both sides,Three Lanes and Seven Alleys consists of “three lanes” (Yijin Alley, Wenru Alley and Guanglu Alley) and “seven alleys” (Yangqiao Lane, Langguan Lane, Ta Lane, Huang Lane, Anmin Lane, Gong Lane and Jibi Lane). 

Distinctive Starbucks Coffee and exquisite wood carving


When it was lunchtime, I started to fish for something to eat and found a long queue lining up in front of a peanut soup store. I guessed it must taste great. Besides, I also tried local special snacks, e.g. fish balls, oyster cake, water chestnut cake. 

I wandered around after finishing lunch and found a West Lake Park. As I had toured Hangzhou West Lake, I found this park nothing gorgeous. So I went back to the hotel a while later. 


The night view of Min River was amazing, and it was an extraordinary experience to have a night tour by boat. 


After enjoying night views, I had some snacks and went back. That is the end of one-day trip to Fuzhou. 


If you go to Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, the South Back Street can’t be missed if you simply want to shop and eat, as the South Back Street is an old-fashioned commercial street of Three Lanes and Seven Alleys.

If you prefer ancient street culture to stores, you can visit lanes and alleys, because they are the essence of Three Lanes and Seven Alleys. When you walk along lanes and alleys, visit relic sites and feel the pith of ancient architecture and culture.